[介紹] 英語對話:You're toast 你完蛋了

英語對話:You're toast 你完蛋了

  李華要參加課堂辯論,心裏很緊張, 找Larry出主意。他們會用到兩個常用語:you're toast和the tables have turned。


  LH: Larry,我可怎麼辦?這次辯論的成績佔期末成績的一半呢!

  Larry: OK, OK. Calm down for a minute. What's the topic of the debate?


  LH: 辯論的主題是國會最近通過的醫療改革法案!我當時沒注意這個新聞,現在什麼都不知道啊!

  Larry: Oh, my. That is certainly a complicated topic, even for an American. Are you arguing for or against it?


  LH: 我是辯論的正方還是反方?哦……我忘了。

  Larry: You don't even know what side of the argument you're on? Well, looks like you're toast.



       LH: I'm toast? 你在說什麼啊?

  Larry: It means you have no chance; you're done for; you're finished. I don't see how you could possibly be prepared for this debate.


  LH: "I'm toast" 就是I'm finished? 我完了?沒戲了?哎呀,這門課可是必修課,我必須要通過呀!Larry, you have to help me!

  Larry: I don't think I can, Lihua...Although I know I'm going to be toast if I just sit there and be negative. Haha...


  LH: 沒錯,要是你只顧坐在那裏看我出醜,你就死定了!哼!

  Larry: Well, I can tell you about the health care bill, but if you don't know what side you are on for the debate, I don't think that will help you.


  LH: 雖然我忘了自己在哪一方,可我的老對頭Susie是我的對手,我們不在一隊,而且她特別能辯論。I really AM toast, Larry.

  Larry: Unfortunately, I would have to agree with you. You don't have any friends in that class? Give one a call and see if they remember which team you are on.


  LH: 對! 我給Jennifer打個電話,看她知不知道我是哪一方的。



  LH: Larry, 好消息!Susie生病了!


  Larry: Huh?

  LH: Jennifer說,Susie重感冒,嗓子出不了聲,更別提辯論了!I'm not toast anymore! 我有救啦!


  Larry: Oh, I see. What about your team? Do you know what side you need to prepare to argue for?

  LH: Jennifer說,我和她都是正方的,支援這個法案。她還讓我不必擔心,說我們這方有幾個很牛的人!這真太棒了!


  Larry: That is good news. Looks like the tables have turned in your favor.

  LH: The tables have turned? 什麼桌子?


  Larry: I'm not talking about an actual table. The tables have turned means that the person that used to be ahead is now behind, and the person who used to be at a disadvantage now has an advantage.

  LH: 我明白了,the tables have turned就是指形勢發生了一百八十度大轉彎!我之前處於弱勢,可現在忽然處於優勢了!


  Larry: Exactly. You can say the tables have turned in your favor. It doesn't look like your grade for this class is toast anymore.

  LH: The tables have turned in my favor,風水轉到我這邊來了!一切都對我有利了!我本來以為I was toast, 但是現在,對手病了,隊友強大,The tables have turned! 我真是幸運!


  Larry: It looks like your classmate Susie is the one who is toast now. And since you don't have to prepare for that debate anymore, I was wondering if you could help me out a little...

  LH: 怎麼了Larry?


  Larry: Well, I need to submit a report on the Chinese market to my boss, and I've been putting it off. It's due tomorrow and I could use someone to help me do some research on Chinese websites...

  LH: 你明天要交一分關於中國的市場分析報告,現在還沒怎麼寫?你想讓我幫忙在網上查資料?哼! 我才不管呢!


  Larry: Oh! Lihua, Please! If I don't finish this report in time, well, I'd be...

  LH: You'd be toast! 你就完蛋啦!Larry, 幾分鐘前你還不肯幫我準備辯論呢,現在輪到你求我,我不幫忙了。哈哈!It seems the tables have turned!


  Larry: That situation was a little bit different...I didn't really have any way to help you.

  LH: 這倒也是。可是,我也真的幫不了你啊,我又不會寫市場調查報告。


  Larry: You're not going to help me? But I'll be toast without your help!

  LH: Sorry, Larry! 可我真的沒法幫你,我要和我們辯論隊的人在圖書館開會,對了,你能開車送我去圖書館麼?

  Larry: Ha, it looks like the tables have turned again...