[介紹] 認識行為藝術"仆街(planking)"




  The word plankingrefers to the activity of lying face-down in an unusual location and being photographed.




  The activity noun planking was coined in Australia in 2011, though the concept underlying the fad dates back to the late nineties, and was previously known as the lying down game in Britain. The game went global in late 2007 when a Facebook group dedicated to the activity was created.




  People who engage in the activity of planking lie face-down with their arms by their sides, in a rigid, 'plank-like' pose, and get a friend to photograph them, usually with the intention of posting the resulting snapshot on the Internet. However the crucial thing about planking is that, in order to capture the attention of fellow planking enthusiasts, it's essential to find the most original location possible. This means that participants, dubbed plankers, are photographed lying outstretched on parked cars, rubbish bins, rooftops, office photocopiers, post boxes, ironing boards, or whatever novel surface they can manage to balance their body horizontally on or across. In the world of planking, the weirder the location, the better.