[介紹] 如何取消清除Chrome跟Firefox 的 HSTS 設定

如何取消清除Chrome跟Firefox 的 HSTS 設定

HSTS簡介:HSTS全名是HTTP Strict Transport Security 中文名「強制安全傳輸技術」,原理是在第一次訪問https網站時,網站的回覆表頭帶有「Strict-Transport-Security」,該表頭會讓瀏覽器記得,該網站(正確說法是域名)有提供HTTPS安全連線,並於下次連線中強制使用HTTPS,注意是強制喔,不論是點進不帶有https的連結(例如:這個),或是你故意在網址列打入網址時使用http://為開頭,瀏覽器都會先強制轉換成https再送出請求.


在Chrome 下清除 HSTS 設定:

Navigate to chrome://net-internals/#hsts

在Delete domain區域中的文字格輸入你要清除HSTS設定的域名(1),然後按「Delete」(2)


在下方Query domain的區域中的文字格輸入你剛剛刪除的域名,然後按「Query」

成功刪除的話應該會像下圖情況,下方出現Not found的提示


在Firefox 下清除 HSTS 設定:

We will cover two different methods for deleting HSTS settings in Firefox. The first method should work in most cases – but we also included a manual option if needed.

    Close all open tabs in Firefox.
    Open the full History window with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + H (Cmd + Shift + H on Mac). You must use this window or the sidebar for the below options to be available.
    Find the site you want to delete the HSTS settings for – you can search for the site at the upper right if needed.
    Right-click the site from the list of items and click Forget About This Site.This should clear the HSTS settings (and other cache data) for that domain.
    Restart Firefox and visit the site. You should now be able to visit the site over HTTP/broken HTTPS.If these instructions did not work, you can try the following manual method:

Manual Method for Firefox

If the above steps do not work, you can try the following method.

Start by locating your Firefox profile folder through your operating system’s file explorer. You can find this folder through Firefox by navigating to about:support

Halfway down the page, in the Application Basics section, you will see Profile Folder. Click Open Folder.

Now close Firefox so that the browser does not overwrite any settings we are about to change.

In your Profile folder find and open the file SiteSecurityServiceState.txt. This file contains cached HSTS and HPKP (Key Pinning, a separate HTTPS mechanism) settings for domains you have visited. It may be very disorganized.

Search for the domain you want to clear the HSTS settings for and delete it from the file. Each entry beings with the domain name. Delete the entirety of the entry from the beginning of the desired domain name to the next listed domain. As an alternative, you can rename the existing file from a .txt to a .bak (in order to save the existing file, just in case) and allow Firefox to create an entirely new file on next start up.

Here is an example of a simple HSTS listing:          0               17312   1527362896190,1,0

As mentioned, the formatting for this file can be messy. Below is a sample from my profile. Each domain’s settings are shown in a unique color to make separation clear. In this case, part of the settings for the previous domain appear the beginning in red:

1527363079029,1,                                  0               17312
1527362896190,1,       0               17312 1498419087277,1,1,9dNiZZueNZmyaf3pTkXxDgOzLkjKvI+Nza0ACF5IDwg=X3pGTSOuJeEVw989IJ/cEtXUEmy52zs1TZQrU06KUKg=V+J+7lHvE6X0pqGKVqLtxuvk+0f+xowyr3obtq8tbSw=9lBW+k9EF6yyG9413/fPiHhQy5Ok4UI5sBpBTuOaa/U=ipMu2Xu72A086/35thucbjLfrPaSjuw4HIjSWsxqkb8=+5JdLySIa9rS6xJM+2KHN9CatGKln78GjnDpf4WmI3g=MWfCxyqG2b5RBmYFQuLllhQvYZ3mjZghXTRn9BL9q10=       0               17312   1527362865303,1,1