[介紹] 華爾街面試中12個最激怒人的問題



  It's hiring and firing season on Wall Street.現在是華爾街招聘的旺季,同時也是解雇的旺季…

  That means it's interview time for the new guys fresh out of college, and for the old guys who didn't make it through the recent round of cuts.這意味著剛從大學畢業的夥計們、在裁員中出局的老手們,面試時間到了!

  Here are some of the best interview questions that have been asked at Wall Street firms.以下是華爾街面試中曾被問到的一些犀利問題。

  Some tests are to see how well you solve problems analytically.有些旨在測試你分析解決問題的能力。

  Others are harder: tests to see how well you'll "fit" with the firm. Ie. Do you have the right personality?其他就難以搞定了。其旨在判斷你是否適合公司,你的個性是否是他們想要的?

  1. CITIGROUP: "What is your strategy at table tennis?"花旗集團:你打乒乓時採用什麼戰略?

  2. HEDGE FUND: "Tell me a clean joke."對衝基金:講個非黃色笑話吧。

  3. APITAL ONE: "How do you evaluate Subway's $5 foot-long sub policy?"第一資本金融公司:你如何評價賽百味快餐推出的5美元三明治促銷活動?”

  4. HEDGE FUND: "What's the best e-mail address you've ever seen, and why?" 對衝基金:你見過的最好的郵箱地址是怎樣的?為什麼?

  5. BROWN & BROWN INSURANCE: "How would you rate your life on a scale of 1 to 10?"布朗和布朗保險公司:如果滿分是10分,你給自己的生活打幾分?

  6. GOLDMAN SACHS: "Suppose you had eight identical balls. One of them is slightly heavier and you are given a balance scale. What’s the fewest number of times you have to use the scale to find the heavier ball?高盛集團:假設你有8個外觀相同的球,其中一個比其他稍重。如果給你一個天平,最少稱幾次你可以找出這只稍重的球?

  7. UBS: "If we were playing Russian roulette and had one bullet, I randomly spun the chamber and fired but nothing was fired, would you rather fire the gun again or respin the chamber and then fire on your turn?"瑞士聯合銀行:如果我們玩俄羅斯輪盤並且只有一顆子彈,我在轉了彈輪之後開槍,沒子彈了。輪到你時,你是打開手槍轉一圈再對著自己開槍還是直接就拿著我剛開過的槍射自己呢?”

  8. JANE STREET CAPITAL: "What is the smallest number divisible by 225 that consists of all 1s and 0s?" 簡街資本:能被225整除,只包含0和1的最小的數字是多少?

  9. GOLDMAN SACHS: "How many penguins would it take to surround the North Pole? And give 2 standard deviations from your answer?"高盛集團:需要多少只企鵝才可以繞北極一圈?從答案裏給出兩個標準差。

  10. MERRILL LYNCH: "Tell me about your life from kindergarten onwards."美林證券公司:講講你的一生,從幼兒園開始吧。

  11. GOLDMAN SACHS: "If you were shrunk to the size of a pencil and put in a blender, how would you get out?"高盛集團:如果你被壓縮到只有鉛筆那麼大,然後放進了攪拌機,你如何逃出來?