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作者: 你知道的    時間: 2014-4-23 13:43     標題: Yahoo!奇摩台灣分公司徵實習生


徵Mobile Product Management Intern

實習期間剛剛好在暑假 七月初到八月底
趕快報名吧 ^_^ 有報名就是多給自己一次機會

Yahoo is looking for a Mobile Product Management Intern to help develop mobile products and discover new mobile opportunities for e-commerce. If you would like to learn more about product management and hone your engineering and analytical skills, this is the right opportunity for you! 
The internship period will be from early July to end of August. You may also have the opportunity to extend your internship if you perform well.

Your responsibilities
• Prototyping of new features and services
• Data analysis
• Mobile trends & services research
• Product testing & quality assurance
• Project management

Minimum Job Qualifications
• Pursuing or have obtained Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science
• Familiar with HTML/HTML5, Javascript, CSS, SQL
• Able to program in Java or Objective-C
• Experience in mobile app development preferred
• Participated in product development projects/competitions and achieved good results


工作地點:台北市南港區 三重路66號14樓


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